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04-13-2003, 08:16 AM
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Project: AOTC from DVD to DVD via KDVD-720x480-Full-D1-_NTSCl.mcf

1. DVD Decrypter
2. DVD2AVI (Force film)
3. 134 MP2 Headac3he
4. Prediction 204971/142/24 = 60 3000/60=50,000
5. TMPGEnc CQ90 = 42,314

I am trying with KDVD with IFoedit. What would be recommended as next step(s)?

I want to end up with fully compliant, best quality DVD. DVDShrink requires level 5 compression, so quality loss is too much to go that route.

Is CQ90 worthwhile?

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04-13-2003, 02:56 PM
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If you're converting DVD9 to DVD5 (movie-only), try this:

DVD Decrypter
1. Mode>File

DVDShrink v 1.03
1. Source data > (select output from dvd decrypter)
2. Remove audio, except Engilsh
3. Remove subtitle, except English
4. Remove end credits (optional)
5. Copy files to output directory

DVD2one v 1.1.2
1. Select source (output from DVDShrink)
2. Select target file size (e.g. 4.38GB)
3. Select Audio, Ach English
4. Select subtitle, English
5. Encode

Test with WinDVD or a DVD player and burn
DVD2one has a better transcoder and compressor than DVDShrink
for now. DVD2one can't remove end credits as easily as DVDShrink.
Combine the two (DVDShrink + DVD2one), you get a great movie.

-black prince
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