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04-28-2003, 12:29 PM
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For anyone who uses CCE Basic or Pro, this is some interesting information below. There is more info at the post below.


"So no one else is interested in this eh? I've puzzled over this old post in the past, and have done quite a bit of reading on the subject and have concluded that basically every DVD Ripping guide on the net is incorrect when telling you to use 16-235 during encoding.

The source is already 16-235 on the DVD. With DVD2AVI set to either YUV decoding or RGB at TV scale it keeps this luminance range. When you set CCE to 16-235 you are not setting the output to 16-235, you are further compressing the luminance values. The result is less than true black and less than true white. All you are doing is decreasing the dynamic range of your colors. You'd only want to do this with your own, non-DV, captures which have captured "blacker than black" and "whiter than white" colors, or if you stretched the luminance scale by using pc scale in dvd2avi.

So when encoding DVD sources in CCE you should really be setting the luminance level to 0-255 to prevent further compression of the luminance scale, because its already correct as is.

Jeff D, as far as your situation, I don't capture at all but I think your findings are exactly the same as mine. If your source is 16-235 you want to encode at 0-255, and vice versa.

Are there anymore people who can verify this? If this is correct, than the guides and programs like DoCCE4U need to be changed.


Here is a good article on the subject. It definitely seems to suggest that a source encoded with 16-235 range should be compressed with the 0-255 range, not the 16-235 range."
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