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05-13-2003, 01:52 PM
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I was making a mpeg 2 stream and got the "illegal floating point" problem. But the ncode was near the end of the movie, so I loaded the mpeg 2 stream in VirtualDubMod and marked the number of frames encoded in the first try.

I started another project with the same parameters and only select the "source range" to make the start point wheres the other file was ended.

So now I have 2 mpeg2 streams, but I cant mix them in TMPGEnc (mpeg tools) because when I try to load the first part, the program says its a non valid mpeg type.

What I have to do to mix these 2 streams to make one to finally mux the audio? I have to get another program? I canīt use the mpeg tools from TMPGenc?
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