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06-14-2002, 01:33 PM
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Okay, this is going to sound dumb but I've been reading so many forums that I've managed to get myself confused...

The KVCD template (talking NTSC) works in 352x480, from 300-1750kbs VBR.

The KVCDx2 template works in 704x480, from 300-2300kbs VBR.

Obviously, the x2 template needs the additional bitrate to account for the increase in resolution. This I understand. As well, my understanding is that a 704x480 vcd will be 'sharper', but run the risk of more artifacts, whereas a 352x480 vcd will be slightly less sharp, but usually with less artifacts (the bitrate isn't "spread out" across as large of a resolution).

Now, for the part where I'm confused:
1. Why would the x2 template be favored? It seems like a little blur would be favorable over artifacts.

2. Why is the bitrate for the kvcd template capped at 1750? If x2 does 2300, couldn't kvcd do so as well? Or does this drastically affect the file size?

3. Assuming #2 affects the filesize: I assume tests have been done to compare higher bitrates vs. higher CQ. What is it about 1750kpbs max/CQ 70 that makes it better than 2300kbps/CQ 60? (Or some other values of bitrate/CQ that makes sense).

Granted, I will try to do some tests myself, but I'm assuming Kwag and others have been through all this already. Any info appreciated... so much to learn!
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