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06-24-2003, 09:34 AM
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I've got 2 SVCDs that I want to edit. Both CDs have about 35 minutes of video but CD 2 has 10 minutes of video that really belong on CD 1.

I've tried to join them with TMPGenc but sound suddenly cuts out at 25 minute mark.

I tried loading them in DVD2AVI and encoding from the saved project file...this actually worked, but sound was out of sync after the join point.

Right now I'm intending to encode both CDs to KVCD and then try to edit the resulting mpeg 1 files. I've found that when I try to re-encode the audio of each disc with headAche it gives me an error and doesn't encode the whole thing. TMPGenc on the other hand is willing to re-encode the demuxed audio.

So, I'm hoping that after I encode each disk to kvcd I'll be able to join them and then edit them so that I have the full 45 minutes I want on disc 1 - I noticed that TMPGenc has the option to "close gops for edit"...will using this with the kvcd encodes solve any of my editing problems? And will I still get a decent encode from kvcd if it is enabled?

Also, seeing my ramble above...am I just going about this all wrong?
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06-24-2003, 09:15 PM
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Well, I encoded the kvcd's in the normal way (open gops) and with the re-encoded sound I was able to cut and join the resulting mpegs the way I wanted.


Also, the SVCDs I was using as source came from a VHS rip. The re-encoded kvcd with the VHS capture filters actually looks better to me...its not often you re-encode something and it seems even as good as the original. This is an unusual case and the kvcd is certainly softer, but when I can end up with a file almost half the size - with better visual appeal than the orignal...well...

Have I mentioned lately that I love kvcd?
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06-24-2003, 09:26 PM
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Hi m0rdant,

I guess I came in a little late to your post
Glad you got your file encoded.

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