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07-13-2003, 04:43 PM
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on and 80min cd-r disk with max overburn, i can get up to 240 minutes of mpeg video is the most.

by using the 360min ULBR templates
tempenc to convert regular mpeg file to KVCD ULBR mpeg file Video only - no audio
use VDub to extract out the audio into wave format
use headache to convert it to dual channel CBR mode mp2, 96 bitrate which is the lowest bitrate that it will play in this mode.
then use tempenc to mux the two file together as non standard vcd file

so, is there really is a way to use that 360min ULBR template to convert up to 6hour of video mpeg file? i meant, this is no way to convert up to that much unless we lower the video resolution and bitrate down like hail hehe s lols... anyways, if i were using a dvd-r, i guess i can fit around 28 - 30 hours of mpeg movies with this setting hehe s...

but, it's very amazing and super GRRREAT!!! afterall on how kvcd made up a method like this for us to convert such long hour of mpeg file into such a smaller size with viewable quality settings!!!

THX for all the hardworks guys... I hope some days, we can fit that 6hours on one single disk with super great quality hehe s..... lols...
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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07-17-2003, 03:30 AM
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it is possible.
I'm currently encoding the second anime series in ulbr at 12 eps per "80min"-CDR - which is 12x ~25mins resulting in about 300mins.
It's by far not the best quality, but it's still viewable (I could get 360mins on it, but I'm too lazy to do a custom menu instead of Nero's 12 images preview thingy), and since I don't want to store 20 CDs for each series, it's the only choice I got.
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11-26-2003, 06:37 AM
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it sure should work with a 90 or 100 minutes CD!
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