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07-20-2003, 10:36 PM
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AFter trying and failing to get motion adaptive filtering working, I thought I would just go back to my old settings. And I would *swear* on a stack of bibles that I had backed them up. The DVD2SVCD.exe, all the ini files, all of the fll's; in short everything that would allow me to be able to easily return to the state where I could back up an AVI file without MA filtering. But no

After audio extractio/transcoding, it now chokes when I go into TMPGEnc. Could someone please tell me wheat this means, and what I could do to rectify it?

The screen in TMPGEnc says 'AVISource autodetect couldn't open file/Error Code 32/ c:\vcd\AviSynth_Script_file.avs, line 32' AND there is a little pop up window that says 'The resolution of the video is illegal. The windows size needs to be set between 8x8 and 4088x4088. The width and height of window needs to be multiples of 8'. Well, the video is 480x360, and I was attempting to do Bicubic Resizing.

The AVS script is this;

AVISource("C:\DOWNLO~1\Soilwork\MSBDEE~1.AVI",Fals e)

So where have I screwed up? And I have But, I know enough to take a step back.

thanks for any help.

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