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08-28-2003, 09:11 PM
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A Question For DANO (et al)

I've read a few of your (Dano's) posts and it seems you ARE doing what I'm FAILING to do. I've even tried to piece together your recommendations but still I must be doing something wrong as my end results don't work.

In this particular instance, I'm starting with a broadcast capture at MPEG2, 720x480, 29.9FPS video and 48KHz audio. I want to end up with a KVCD, MPEG1, 704x480, 23.9FPS video and 44KHz audio CD that will have high enough compatibility to play in Windows media player, Apex AD-1500, Pioneer DV-626D, and others I have yet to test. I hope that's not asking too much.

This is my AVISynth 2.0.8 script:
## AVS 2.0.8 script
## filter MPEG2 720x480 broadcast capture
## ----------

MPEG2Source( "capture001.mpg" )

## convert from broadcast 29.9FPS to original 23.9FPS

## blankout picture edge signal/noise (confuses GripCrop)
LetterBox( 10, 0, 0, 0 ) ## pixels blanked - top, bottom, left, right

## eliminate broadcast "dark noise" by clipping out clumps to legal levels
Levels( 18, 1, 238, 16, 235 ) ## values clump low at 16-17 and high at 239-240

smartsmoothyuy( 725, 1 ) ## clean up animation

## Grip - use only for progressive (23.9FPS)
## setting for "full screen" source reductions
GripCrop( width=704, height=480, source_anamorphic=false, dest_anamorphic=false, overscan=4 )
GripSize( resizer="BilinearResize" )

GripBorders() ## finish up Grip

Levels( 16, 1, 235, 16, 235 ) ## "legal clip"


TMPGEnc processes the script (which produces 704x480 23.9FPS video output) using the KVCDx3-MPEG1-Film template. Under the VIDEO tab, the 588x480 size is changed to 704x480.

DoPullDown processes the video file for 29.9FPS flagging.

HeadAC3he processes the audio into MP2, 44KHz, 128Kbps.

bbMPEG muxes the video (SVCD with "2:3 pulldown") & audio.

At this point, I play the resulting mpeg file in Windows media player and the picture lags the audio and increases it's lag as the clip plays on. Test burns with VCDEasy produce discs that play the same way in the stand alone players. Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I can't determine what. Of course, if you are using any "tricks" or unusual settings in VCDEasy, I'd like to know about them, too.

(As I'm archiving broadcast captures rather than DVDs (as seems to be more popular), I need the technique of someone who has done this constitently / successfully. Thanks.)
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