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10-09-2003, 08:36 PM
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Hi all,

I just got my vcd player so its time to start burning some movies, im very new to this scene but stumbled into kvcd and decided its the way to go unfortunatley this means I have a very steep learning curve to get up to speed with all the software packages and terminology anyway enough rambling I have a few questions I hope some 1 can help me with. I tried to read the cqmatic guide but I guess that link is down due to the server swap?

1. I encoded a film using tmpeg Version 2-58-44-152 ksvcd 352x576 pal format and the original avi file size was 500000mb this increased to 916000mb from reading on this forum I believe this is due to the cq value being wrong am I right?

If I am right about the cq value then I have some more questions

2. I dl cqmatic and calc matiq. I feel very dense but am still unsure which figure is the average bitrate 1 box sais average bitrate with 4890.1 kbps then underneath another box has 0.57* average then alongside that sais 2787.3 which of these 3 numbers do I put as the avergae bitrate in cqmatic?

3. I had a fiddle around with cqmatic and am still getting 89.77 as the cq value whatever numbers I put in at the top I believe kwag told some 1 this is due to the path being too long did he mean the c/program files path name etc as I changed that and it didnt help?

4. If and when i finally get a cq value i can use can I just put it into Tmpeg, setting, rate control mode and encode that way as im also confused over how exactly the scripts work?

I will keep it to that for the minute I think 4 questions is enough anyway thanks in advance to anybody that offers me help.


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