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10-11-2003, 08:30 PM
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ffmpegX 0.0.9 Oct 11, 2003

What's new in this version:

- Intelligent automatic setting of NTSC/PAL framerate, image size and pulldown mode, depending on source movie analysis. This will greatly simplify the operating process: just selecting a quick preset should now be enough.
For example to encode an avi DivX file to SVCD, all you have to do is now just:
- drop the source file onto the application icon (or open it with the Open... button),
- select SVCD quick preset,
- hit encode.
For example to encode a VIDEO_TS folder to XviD, all you have to do is now just:
- drop the VIDEO_TS folder onto the application icon,
- select XviD quick preset,
- hit encode.
- New "Information" line at the top of the window. It will always read in this format:
VIDEO: DivX, size:480x576, NTSC FILM (23.976) w/3:2 pulldown, 7500 kbps - AUDIO: mp3, 44100Hz, 96 kbps. The information is selectable so as you can also copy/paste it.
- There are no longer PAL and NTSC versions of each Quick preset and of each "autosize" image format. PAL/NTSC image size mode is now set automatically based on the current framerate.
- Added new default postprocessing split in "Auto" chunks mode for mpeg2enc encoding and for the mux as.. tool (will be implemented later for ffmpeg encoding), which will cut the stream as needed when CD media size is exceeded (as specified in the bitrate calculator CD media type popup: eg. "80 min mode-2", "74 min mode-1", etc, OR (whichever is smaller) as specified by a size in MB as manually entered in the size field of the bitrate calculator, eg. "100 MB"). Authoring to VCD or SVCD can be automatically applied to resulting chunks.
- Operating mode of "Decode with Quicktime" (for VCD/SVCD/CVD/DVD/KVCD/KDVD encoding) is now exteded to any input formats (it was limited to Quicktime .mov files and VOB files before). Eg. if your input file is an .avi DivX file, Quicktime decoding will now also apply, and you will no longer need to use DivX Doctor II. When using "Decode with Quicktime" you must make sure that your input file can be opened in Quicktime Player, or the encoding will fail (eg. you must have the codecs to read it, like divx.com and 3ivx.com codecs to read .avi DivX, or QT mpeg-2 player codec to read VOB files). If you don't want to decode with Quicktime or don't have codecs for a specific format, disable "Decode with Quicktime" in the Options tab, so as ffmpeg will be used to read the source, or enable "Decode with mplayer", so as mplayer will be used to read the source.
- Improved "fast-mpeg1" preset for VCD encoding. Encoding options, muxing process, splitting process and authoring process have been optimized to improve DVD player compliance. Please note that "fast-mpeg1" ffmpeg engine always encodes in variable bitrate mode, which is non-standard for VCD, so some players will not handle such streams. But if your player accepts them, consider preferring this mode for VCD encoding, as this is one of the fastest and best quality mpeg-1 encoders currently available on all platforms.
- File extension is automatically added at encoding time to the destination filename if it is missing or wrong (eg .mpg, .avi).
- Destination field is automatically set by default with the same path as the source field.
- Source file field is no longer editable in order to enforce autoscanning requirements on selected source. To open a source file, you now need either to drag and drop its icon to the application icon, or click "Open.." to locate it. The source field is still selectable, so you can copy and paste its contents.
- More bugfixes from 0.0.8d.
- Proofreading of german localization by Andreas Gfeller.
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