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11-15-2003, 12:43 PM
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I was hoping that someone could use this thread to explain how to convert and merge several files ready for burning to one KVCD.

For example I might have a couple of trailers and a couple of 30min shorts. how could I burn them onto a disc rather than a disc each.

I downloaded the KVCD trailer and would love to put it on the front of the discs I make but haven't found out how to yet.

The 2 SVCD to 1 KVCD thread got very confusing very quickly. I wonder if another member/mod might help fill in the blanks for us newbies.

Currently I copy the source and gripcrop parameters into the latest script from moviestaker and then use Tok to demux and encode the KVCD file.

If you can help please use the KVCD Q&A section on the Forum main page to link to this semi-guide.

Many Thanks
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