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11-16-2003, 01:08 PM
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I'm having some audio sync files with a particular mpeg-1 vcd file. The file plays fine in zoomplayer and media player, but as soon as I try to use an AVS script with either DirectShowSource or MpegSource, the resulting file becomes out of sync. The only way I can reencode the file is to let tmpgenc load the mpg file itself with its own internal audio encoder, and therefore no filtering. However I think I may have discovered the problem with my source file.

If I demux the mpg with tmpgenc and then try and remux it with tmpgenc, the resulting file is out of sync. I have tried all different kinds of mpeg-1 output (system automatic, vcd, vcd non-standard). Then I tried remuxing with bbMPEG (using the settings for kvcd files mind you) and I get a whole bunch of the following error:
    video DTS (15625.53ms) underflow at pack 1122 by 17.70ms
    video PTS (15658.90ms) underflow at pack 1126 by 38.39ms
    video PTS (15692.27ms) underflow at pack 1128 by 32.06ms
    video DTS (15725.63ms) underflow at pack 1129 by 12.20ms
Does anyone know what this means? I figure if I can remux the file correctly then I will have a better source material to encode from. Hope you guys can help!
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