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12-02-2003, 12:04 AM
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Hello, i am back again with my stupid questions , i bough a japanese dvd of saint seiya hades saga , it has no subs and what i would like to do is add subtitles to the vobs and make a back up with subs, i would like them to be on/off, what should i do? *i have the subs in .srt and .ssa, the dvd is dvd5 so no need to recompress* plz help me thx
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12-02-2003, 10:33 AM
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There are three methods:
1) Convert from srt to sup format and author using IFOEdit.
2) Convert to SSA format, and use MaestroSBT to convert to SUB format, which can be used by submux-dvd from linux ported dvdauthor package
3) Convert ot spruce up format (using Subtitle WorkShop) and import in DVDMaestro.

If you want menus:
linux ported dvdauthor allows you to create menus using a XML file, but you might find easy to do method 1 or two and then import the VOBs in DVDLab to create menus. But in this case you'll have to fix the IFO information, following this guide:
DVDMaestro nativelly supports subs and menus, but it's no longer produced...
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