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05-04-2002, 05:18 AM
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i have a movie 3hous long, its in 3 seperate mpg files all being roughly 600mb and an hour long each, now when i try n use tmpgenc to join all three together i get a new file only 1.6gig and running time of 2hr 39mins. Now ive flicked through the movie checking to see of all the scenes were there and as of yet i havent found anything missing ( i obvioulsy havent sat down and watched the whole movie though) the satrt was fine and the ending is there then y the time of 2hr 39mins? can someone help me as i dont have the time to watch the whole movie again and check every scene.
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06-15-2002, 03:45 AM
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This is the advice I give to every one when it comes to problems with any of the mpeg tools, use something else, the mpeg tools have a lot of bugs in them and if they don"t want to work then there is no way to get them to work, there are other joining and editing programs that are more reliable, one of the programs that i use is "power vcr" it is a capture program but it has a good simple mpeg editor and joiner, you can probably download it off kazaa......
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06-15-2002, 11:27 AM
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For joining mpeg 1 video I tend to use Ifilm edit. It's pretty straight forward to use, and unlike tpmeg the audio rarely goes out of synch. Another half decent editing prog is WombleVCR, this does both Mpeg1+2 both have demos available and are quite worth the trouble hunting down.
I've recently tried using the editing tools in Tpmeg 2.55 plus, and these are alot better than the freeware versions of tmpeg. It's a case of 'you pays your money and you makes your choice.'
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