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08-01-2002, 09:37 AM
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Hi everbody,

I'm experimenting with KVCD templates quite a time and I'm happy with the quality that can be achieved. The problem is, when I'm muxing the audio and video stream with BBMPEG 1.24b18 I get a weakly jerky movie. This means, every 5-10 min. the video stops for some msec and then proceeds normally. The audio and video remains perfect in synch - that's not the problem.

The remarkable thing is: I see the jerkiness both on my standalone player (Cyberhome 302) AND when I play the movie back on PC (PowerDVD 4.0). The positions where the video stops are the same!

Another thing is: The worst case I get when I use the 704x576 (PAL) templates (ca. 20 stops per 100 min. movie). If I use smaller resolutions it's getting better but I still have a couple of "video stops" in the movie. If I only play the video streams with the PC player then it plays smoothly. The problem does definitely occur AFTER muxing the audio and video (BTW - I use the SVCD settings with forced mux rate = 0; no under/overflows!)

My first guess was that this has to do with the video buffer verifier (VBV)setting in TMPEG. It seemed to me that some pictures in the VB could not be presented during playback because of an buffer overflow or so. So I changed the VBV setting of the KVCD template from 48 to 224 KB - but it did not help. The stops where at other positions in the movie but they were still there. Even VBV = 0 (automatic) didn't help. I also tried a lot of other settings in BBMPEG, e.g., maximizing the buffers and disabling scan offsets and alignment - nothing really helped. I just encountered that disabling the SVCD scan offset and alignment options leads to less stops in the movie (but leads to uncompatible SVCD streams).

So, my question is: Did nobody of you guys have similar problems? (Or didn't you completely watch the encoded movies, yet? Can somebody help me please?

- Sylver

P.S.: Sorry for my German English.
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08-01-2002, 11:15 AM
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Sorry, but I don't know what to do to help you.
But I do have a question...

Well, when I do SVCDs mux with BBMPEG, I leave all the default settings,
including the forced mux rate, and every thing is OK.
So, what is the forced mux rate setting for? And why set it to 0(zero)?

PS: May be you should try leaving it at the default?...
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