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01-24-2004, 04:42 PM
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Ok i have been a member here for awhile but have been using strictly avi's,today i finally got a dvd rom but now i'm more confused then ever before.

I followed a couple of guides on kvcd.net

Step 1 ( Ripping ) 

Use DVD Decrypter: 

Insert DVD into DVD-ROM drive 
Go to Mode>File (select this option) 
Go to Start>(begin the process) 
When done close DVD Decrypter 

Step 2 ( Frameserve ) 


Go to File>open>(select a vob, e.g. vts_01_1.vob, file from Step 1) 
dvd2avi will use the rest of the files 
Go to Option>Preview (play 1 or 2 minutes of the video) 
Watch the “Video Type” field and use the table below to 
set Video> Field Operation: 

(1) Video Type........................ (2) Field Operation 

NTSC at 5% or higher............ None (use decomb in your avs script) 
FILM at 95% or lower............ None (use decomb in your avs script) 
FILM only (implies 100%)..... Forced FILM 
FILM at 96% or higher.......... Forced FILM 

Go to Audio>Track Number>Track 1 (this usually is the audio channel) 
Go to Audio>Dolby Digital>Demux (this creates an .ac3 file) 
Go to File>Save Project>(your video .d2v file) 
When done close DVD2AVI
Now when i select the vob in dvd2avi(version 1.77)there is one

VTS_01_0 which is just the menu page of the dvd so do i select the next one which would be VTS_01_1

Anyway thats what i did but when i load the .d2v files into moviestacker the time is way shorter on both movies i did

Man i'm a newbie all over again ,so any info will be greatly appreciated

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01-24-2004, 07:45 PM
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Normally a movie is composed of several vobs.
First one (VTS_01_0) is the menu, you already see that.
Others compose the movbie itself. Generally one vob file is 1GB long.

When you load VTS_01_1 in dvd2avi it should add automatically VTS_01_2, VTS_01_3... and so on.

This not happens to you ?

(note : when ytou save the project you can also see the time position on the statistics windows of DVD2AVI, you should read the length of your movie there when the job is finished).
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