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02-18-2004, 12:26 PM
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This is going to be my main KDVD project. The reason for it, those @*(&^%* DVD cases. I purchased a VERY expensive DVD and broke it the second time I went to watch it. So, I want my own DVD set up w/menus based upon the DVDs that I already own. I'm not a pirate.

Obviously, since this will be an exercise video, I will be able to use a lower video quality to ensure that all fits on one DVD.

I want it to have the following: an intro screen (perhaps the KVCD logo), then a menu (3 selections) and a sub-menu (5 selections). I have already planned the order of selections etc. at least on paper. I have no prob. ripping, etc. So far, the only prob. I've had is with Avisynth (posted question in the Avisynth forum).

I would just like some input on how to proceed. I've been reading the posts about tv episodes. Should I create the menus first, then rip the needed vobs or vice versa? Also, I haven't authored a DVD before. My main menu will be a choice of three stretch workouts, then based upon which I've chosen, I can choose among five dumbbell workouts. Depending upon which dumbbell workout I choose, I will do a abdominal workout. I'm assuming that during the authoring process I will create a file or edit a file which will tell my standalone how to play the files.

Let's say, at the main menu I choose #1, then I choose #4 from the sub-menu and this will tell the standalone to play stretch file #1, then play workout #4 and then play the ab workout that I've assigned to #4.

Would it be simpler to just merge the workouts with their assigned ab workout into one file? My problem with this is that some workouts use the same ab workouts and I think it would be better to do it as seperate files in terms of video file size.

Thank you for any input you may have, Randa
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