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08-07-2002, 03:41 AM
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Hi Guys

I've burnt numerous VCD that have been converted from Divx using TMPGEnc.
I've unlocked TMP and used the fit to CD option in order to get the films to fit on a single 80min CDR and use CBR with the standars TMP templates.

The picture quality is very good, but at numerous points during the film playback seems to skip, actually more like fast forward for a fraction of a second. Audio always stays in sync though.

The skipping isn't dependant on a high-action scene, but seems to occur when there's a lot of image on screen.....byt that I mean that if it's scene at night (so lots of dark in the background) it never skips, but if there is a lot of background (i.e someone walking towards you with sky-scrapers behind them) the film will skip - God, hope that all made sense !?

I initially thought it was just my DVD player (Cyberhom 52 but the problem also occurs on a friens Philips player so it looks like something to do with the encoding.
I'm sure I read something about GOP(?) setting's having something to do with this.

Any help appreciated for a newbie .
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08-13-2002, 09:26 AM
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Just thought I'd "pipe in" here and say that I've had the exact same problem playing back slightly altered SKVCDs on my APEX 703. The encoding looks killer...very impressive. However it appears that on occasion during part of the SKVCD the is a slow motion effect for a few seconds and then everything is back to normal....no audio synch problems. I thought by changing the Motion Search Precision from Fast to HQ slow might help with this. It seems to have helped a little, but it's not perfect. And when using the HQ slow setting there is some weird fuzzy frames the appear briefly on some scene changes. I think this must be what kwang referred to as the "misquito effect". Anyway, I think that it's possibly my APEX player that's having issues. When I play them on my PC they look amazing. Hopefully someone might have some suggestions on how to correct this problem. Oh yea, I did try burning at a lower speed and it really does seem to produce a better product.
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08-15-2002, 07:17 AM
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hi there,

you allready answerd to your own

short SloMo or FF effect is done by
the player to maintain A/V in sync. And it depends on your encoding and the quality
of the S/A player if resyncing is

(mostly shure) this was reported b4:

- look at BitrateView if the videostream's
quantization has got strong jitter.

-take a look at the logfiles
(TMPGenc: filename.log). If underflow
is reported tune the encoding parameters.
VBV size could be one answer.

- Try other encoding strategy:
if using TMPGenc demux the program
stream to *.m1v and *.m1a and remux it
by using BBmpeg. If mux underflows are
reported -> tune parameters.

Did someone claim perfect video
production is an easy job to do? ;-)

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