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03-01-2004, 03:27 PM
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Originally Posted by poerschr
I dont know...I am not convinced that their is any program with the VBV...all of the streams that I have made have played perfectly....I think the program is where Bitrate viewer establishes the baseline...something in ffvfw conflicts with Biterate viewer or has a difficult time establishing a true baseline...this must be related to the VBV issue....
When I play in Media Player Classic a m2v stream obtained from a ffvfw encoding it always (I guess) shows a hilarious value of 234h 48min 05sec or so. After I use ReStream on it goes down with the value but it is still wrong. After the mux the problem is gone, but I think because of audio track that plays it's part of game. I don't know what might be the cause for that but could be something wrong with the way ffvfw builds the stream.
Now: I think that poershr might have a point here because bitrate means number of bits per unit of time. And since ffvfw output is somehow screwed-up in matter of time measurement, this could give some errors in BV. BTW, in 9 cases of 10 I get APS errors in VCD Wizard when I author the files for CD (fortunatelly with no consequences for the playability of files on my standalone). And this could be related too to the same problem.
Of course, what I said before doesn't eliminate entirely the problem of high bitrate peaks, they surely are an issue, is BV output what I'm questioning.
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