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03-05-2004, 02:54 PM
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title says it all.I started doing some KDVDS using both CCE and Mainconcept,ill be using CCE in future though.Video is all good but i have a weird audio problem on one of my players the audio sounds all weird sort of screetchy like a very low bitrate Mp3 alought the file does not sound lik this on my PC and another sony dvd player the auido alos seems to slow and go out of synch.If i FFWD the audio catches up and Plays ok till the end my source was a Mpeg (Svcd) but another movie for Divx does the same
i use this method for Divx
1. extract with vdub to uncompressed wav
2.encode with headach3e to 48000 192 Mp2
3.mux with tmpgenc as mpeg2 vbr but i get packet errors(do i ignore this?)
4.authro with tmpgenc the first movie done with maincorenpt says gop error and i ignore but the 2nd file with the audio prob loads fine with no warning (done with CCE)

for mpeg i demux with tmpg then redo audio with besweet

burn with nero on ritek media using liteon 411s that finally works after a lot of firmware updates
put your liteon dvdr in the bin and buy an NEC 2500A
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03-11-2004, 03:17 PM
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Maybe if you try to mux with bbmpeg, selecting forced mux rate to 0?
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