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08-24-2002, 05:42 PM
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i downloaded a xvid release of we were soldiers i can play it a ok.i can rencode the video but when i come to turning the audio into a 48khz wav (for headache) virtual dub or nano dub cant do it anyone know how i rip the audio to wav thanks
thanks theskid
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09-21-2002, 08:42 PM
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Hey Theskid,

1> use virtualdub and input your .avi file.

2> select audio tab and choose "Direct Stream Copy"

3> go to File and select "File Information". Check file type.
.....if unknown then its .ac3 else it's .mp3.

4> Select "save as wav" in File and enter file name .wav

5> After extraction rename file based on 3> as .ac3 or .mp3.

6> Input file (.ac3 or .mp3) to Besweet and create uncompressed
.....wav file. You'll know because the file size will be much larger.

7> Input .wav file to Headac3he and create output file as .mp2
.....(dual channel), 48Khz, audio bitrate,etc.,etc.,etc.

This may seem like alot of steps, but when I searched for answer,
this was the best. Note: Besweet does not support "dual channel"
and that's why I used Headac3he to convert to .mp2 instead.

-black prince
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10-01-2002, 08:49 AM
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Could be an Ogg or AC3 Audio file.
If it's AC3 try to use Graph edit. Quite easy to use.

Get Graphedit from doom9.org,
First open insert filters...close for prevent Grphedit to "Hang Up"
open the program, file, render media file.
Delete the DivX Decoder Filter, Video Renderer and Default Direct Sound devide.

Graph, insert filters (ctrl F), Direct Show Filter

Add one Wav Dest and one Filewriter. When filewriter asks you for a name tell it to use whatever.wav

Connect the output from Morgan Stream Switcher to Wav Dest, connect Wave Dest to Filewriter. To do this just click
and drag your mouse from the "output box" from one filter to the input box on the next filter.

Now select Graph and then play, or just hit the play button. Wait afew minutes. Now you got a perfect wav file.

You can see some snapshots at my Swedish guide pages.
Ta bort = Delete this filter...
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