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05-31-2004, 03:56 AM
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As there's no Linux forum, and at least it's mencoder related...

Well, now full of fresh ideas .
I downloaded and burned Knoppix, to update my system (I'll keep my old 40 Gb HD, and change the even older 4 Gb HD, with operative system, with a 120 Gb HD; and found a how-to that shows how-to do it with Knoppix... I hope I won't crash).

After reading some things (I'm really dumb in this Linux question), after reading in metadistros, and after reading some posts in this forum on problems due to different linux kernel and so, I thought:
Why not we try to make a liveCD with whatever we want/need inside for our encodings?.
We could include:
MencodeMe linux
PackShot (whenever a Linux version exits)
Calcumatic (is there a Linux version?)
CD/DVD burning software
DVD author
The GIMP (to create menus for our authored DVDs)
Capture software (don't have idea what, if any)
NTFS reading/writing capability (can this be done)
An updating system for al software included (well, this is not really for a liveCD, but for a installed version)
Kernel and graphic interface (will we come to an agreement on this)
... and whatever you find useful to include to fill 700 Mb of useful tools to encode.

Well, what do you think?. Is it viable?. What else could we include?.
Suggestions, hints, you're-mad-man-comments...
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