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08-25-2004, 10:51 AM
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How To Talk About Men And Still Be Politically Correct

He does not have a beer gut,
-- He has developed a Liquid Grain Storage Facility.

He is not quiet,
-- He is a Conversational Minimalist.

He is not stupid,
-- He suffers from Minimal Cranial Development.

He does not get lost all the time,
-- He discovers Alternative Destinations.

He is not balding,
-- He is in Follicle Regression.

He is not a cradle robber,
-- He prefers Generational Differentials Relationships.

He does not get falling-down drunk,
-- He becomes Accidentally Horizontal.

He is not short,
-- He is Anatomically Compact.

He does not have a rich daddy,
-- He is a Recipient of Parental Asset Infusion.

He does not constantly talk about cars,
-- He has a Vehicular Addiction.

He does not have a hot body,
-- He is Physically Combustible.

He is not unsophisticated,
-- He is Socially Challenged.

He does not eat like a pig,
-- He suffers from Reverse Bulimia.

He is not a bad dancer,
-- He is Overly Caucasian.

He does not hog the blankets,
-- He is Thermally Unappreciative.

He is not a male chauvinist pig,
-- He has Swine Empathy.

He does not undress you with his eyes,
-- He has an Introspective Pornographic Moment
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