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07-05-2005, 02:44 PM
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Hi people...Has been a long time since my last visit...

I'm soon going to start my holidays in New York City and I have some questions about that.

Can you name some stores where I can buy sport goods like Jerseys , shoes, shorts and stuff cheaply (Outlet stores or something like that) ?

Can you name stores where I can buy Hip Hop Gear like Phat Pharm or Sean Jean or something in that direction cheaply as well ?

Can you name (fast food) restaurants that have All-you-can-eat offers or have cheap menus ?

Are there any leisure or theme parks that are worth visiting ?

Where are some places where I can play basketball against good competition (Like Rucker Park or something) ?

Where can I find some stores that sell Fashion cheaply ?

Where are some nice Music stores ?

And what about shopping malls ?

And finally, Can you recommend some places to go ?

And By the Way...

If you name some places, please don't forget the adress.

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