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04-05-2003, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by vhelp
hay Frunobulax..

It wasn't long before I learnt that they made sequals (well, sort of)
And, I ended up searching them out.. Clerks, Chasing Aimy, and of course,
Jay and Silent Bob.. to name a few.

Hey V,
As i posted earlier in my top ten,,,,i love the Jersey Trilogy.
I watched Chasing Amy first and was immediately hooked.
Kevin Smith should run for president.
I quickly caught up with Clerks and MallRats (mallrats was great too...specially the feud between Lee and Affleck). I drove the clerks at
BBusters nuts when i order mallrats.

I have only two version of Dogma (dude, any director wise enuff to put Salma Hayek in a, hmm hmm, 'dance' scene---would definetely get my vote ) .
Out of the series, the only dvd i dont have is Clerks '10th Anniversary' Special Edition. I've had to kvcd my dvd's as they'll get worn out from FF & rewinding all the time.

I even picked up a rare dvd they made (they being Kevin) with Jason Lee called Drawing Flies. It's like a trial run, a test reading for the future releases. I think it was done just after Clerks, up in Canada somewhere. . It's not directly related to the Trilogy but it should be in the collection.

Vulgar, well, whilst greatly acted---not my cup of tea. But again as a collector i had to pick up da dvd.

Have you seen the dvd 'An Evening with Kevin Smith'. I rented it to check it out. And it again was pretty good. If one is a fan , there's a lot of insight into the Director's side of things. So, that will be a mother's day present fo da wife.


More on Kevin Smith
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04-05-2003, 02:25 PM
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I'm a Smith & Mewes fan myself. I couldn't get enough of Clerks when it first came out...truly classic. I heard about that "10th Anniversary Edition" dvd awhile back, but I didn't think it was out yet I've been putting off buying that dvd specifically because of the new version (I hate how they're always re-releasing dvds with bigger/better extras...a month after I bought Tombstone, a new version came out ). Anyways, guess I know what my next purchase is gonna be now!....thanks zTr.

As for Vulgar.... ....that title certainly does it justice. I was browsing the video store one day and came across a new Kevin Smith film I'd never heard of (well, he and Mewes are in it at least, though I think his friend actually directed). I couldn't believe it! So I eagerly rented it.

Now, I'm the type of person who'll watch even the worst movie through to fruition just so I can say that I watched it and gave it a fair chance, but I seriously almost shut the movie off without finishing it...that's how messed up it was. I felt weirded-out for a couple days after seeing that one (and that was the R-rated version, not the Unrated one!...I can't imagine what that one's like ).

Funny thing though, looking back at that movie, while I was definetly repulsed by it at the time, that was probably the whole point of that particular movie, right? I mean, with a title like "Vulgar", whaddya expect? It certainly wasn't a great (or even good) movie by any means, the "plot" was unbelievable, and the acting was so-so (no academy awards comin'). But I can't think of another movie that has ever had that kind of effect on me before, so I think the movie probably accomplished its main intent very well...so I do have a certain degree of respect for Vulgar, even though I didn't enjoy it. I certainly would not recommend it to anyone but the most die-hard of Kevin Smith fans though. Renter beware...not for the squeemish!!!

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04-05-2003, 02:49 PM
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hay zooter..

How I found out about the Jersey Sequels.. (why didn't I come up with
that) when I was at the MALL (how ironic) and I asked for store clerk if
he had Silent Bob.. I didn't know about the others, xcept Dogma, THEN
the store clerk proceeded to enlighten me w/ the Jersey Sequels..
I was SOO excited, I had to buy them all (but he didn't have them all) So, I
ended up searching them out. I think I'm missing one or two. But, I have
the VHS and DVD's all that I DO have. he he.. They're mine !!

I LOVE sequels. Love'em !!

Have you seen the dvd 'An Evening with Kevin Smith'. I rented it to check it out. And it again was pretty good. If one is a fan , there's a lot of insight into the Director's side of things. So, that will be a mother's day present fo da wife
No, I haven't.

At the moment, my most favorite is Dogma, becuase this was my first
movie of the duwels and I coudn't get enougth of it. Malrats is another

I take my hat off to those responsible for KEEPing the duwels together in all
the movies, plus their character.

Well, let me get back to my apps'n things he he..
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