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06-21-2003, 05:39 PM
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Has anyone heard if Red Dwarf will be cable here in the foreseeable future. The DVD's are a bit too high for me, so will try to capture. Never have figured why I like the show, but I do.

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03-17-2004, 07:05 AM
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*bump* It's an unusual show. I know a few people in the U.S. who dig it (including myself); I guess you'd call it a "cult" following.

Their official site (http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/) has a "Dwarf Tracker" section that shows some scant PBS listings, but their news doesn't make any mention of American cable right now. And if they did pick it up, you can bet there'll be a few things censored out of it (numerous flippings of "the bird" and the rare curse word, at least).

I wonder if Sci-Fi ever considered picking it up?

Incidentally, I've seen people sharing bittorrents of both TV-rips and DVD-rips, and while a TV capture might be lower quality, the DVDs look like they've really shredded some of the episodes. I compared broadcast rips (medium-to-poor quality) of Red Dwarf VII with rips from its corresponding DVD and there's a noticeable amount of material from the original broadcast versions - opening scenes before credits, small sections of existing scenes and even individual jokes - that are snipped from the DVD episodes to make them all a uniform length. There are even laugh tracks after one or two lines that were been cut from the DVD, making it even more obvious that something's missing. Maybe these cuts are placed in a bonus-material section? Who knows?

In any case, as much as I'd love to support the show via the purchase of its DVDs, a capture would be more likely to give you the shows intact. :/
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