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05-04-2004, 10:31 AM
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in the last years evrybody is trying to show that smoke is a bad choice.
now in some places,have smoke and no smoke areas but when i was a kid,in the television i saw all day long that who was somoking was prosper, wise, beautiful, charm, things like that. then i grow with this ilusion and i'm still smoking.
a few days i was in the elevator and someone show me a big advertence wroten in the elevator: "please, don't smoke, i'm breathing"
and i was ashamed and ask to that person: your car work with gasoline or alchool? (in Brasil have cars working with alchool, no polution)
he answer me: my car work with gasoline.......

i wait few moments and ask: equal rights, don't?
he answer me : yes, of course.
and i : please, don't breath, i'm smoking!
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