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05-17-2003, 02:14 PM
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this player wasn't on the compatibilty list so I decided to add it.

plays cdr-s fine. here's the spec of my encoded movie.

95minute movie
1 80min cdr sony brand
23.97 secs. that was the original fps of the movie also.

the artifacts and blockiness I saw on my sony-dvp-s360 and any other sony Ive tested..is completely gone on this panasonic.
I was totally surprised, it looked better than the xvid did on my pc.

now the bad, about every 4 seconds the video pauses for a split second and continues playing. it does continuously throughout the movie.
I think this is the reason the movie starts to de-sync.
on other players Ive tested the a/v stay synched. the audio plays fine on this player.

any ideas what the problem could be for this player?
it seems a shame that the video would look so awesome this little flaw.
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05-18-2003, 12:02 AM
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You might want to try switching to a 29.97fps framerate instead of 23.976fps (the kvcd default). That is what I (unfortunately) have to do to my kvcd's for them to play properly on my player. You'll lose some compression and have to encode at a somewhat lower CQ level doing this, but maybe it will play properly then at least. Good luck.

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