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10-07-2003, 04:37 PM
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have worked out how to add subs w acp SOMETIMES when encoding to kvcd [largely thanks to cable_loco].. but would like help w other times when doesn't work

IF u have textsub.vdf in acp plugins dir..

then all u have to do is add lines 2 and 3 below: under "custom.avs" tab:

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\acp\VirtualDubMod\plugins\textsub.vdf")

[where "mymovie.avi" is name of movie]

[found that virtualdubmod w textsub.vdf would only recognise srt files not ssa -both within acp and as a standalone prog]

HOWEVER this method only works sometimes - when acp recognises movie file fully under Log - for example:

frames: 148352
seconds: 6187
fps: 23.9762125561579
videocodec: xvid
audiocodec: MPEG Layer 3

and immediately produces line:

AviSource("F:\mymovie.avi",false) ... under custom.avs


BUT it does NOT work if acp only recognises the following
under Log:

frames: 132224
seconds: 5515
fps: 23.975640748999

[WITHOUT codec info]]

and then produces line

AviSource("C:\kvcd\video.avi",false)... under "custom.avs"

[and NOT "F:\anothermovie.avi"]

HAS anyone any ideas why acp recognises and adds subs to some files and NOT others - they can actually be SAME codec - it recognised & subbed one Divx3-Low Motion file but NOT another... [& I have used Virtualdubmod on its own to sub one file acp rejected]

Be v grateful for any help - and adding this subs facility could make acp - a great proggie - even better. Many thx.
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