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04-09-2022, 07:13 AM
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(I can feel awkward because I am not good at English!)

I am doing indie music in South Korea!
I'm trying to get an analog video source for MV production.
so I have a few questions.

I have a hi8 camera (Sony CCD-SC7 Hi8 NTSC)
I have a usb capture card (I-O DATA GV-USB2)
No VCR or TBC(Maybe there is no tbc in CCD-SC7)

At first, I was going to convert it to a digital 8 cam.
Then someone said, "Why do you use digital methods while pursuing analog aesthetics?"
He recommended the Videonix MX-1 to me.
There are retro aesthetics and TBC functions, is that a good choice?

If I need them, do you have any VCR,TBC,etc. model recommendations?

Is this enough capture card?
I found out that ATI AIW card and Window XP OS are good,
Are they necessary?

I think the budget is around $1000.
If you need more budget, it will take time, but more is possible.

and.. I'm willing to use the VHS camera later.
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