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06-15-2020, 07:52 AM
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I burned a Verbatim AZO DVD-R in 8x totaling 3GB of data many compacted files, folders etc, i scanned disc read test the nero discspeed 100% Good but to copy the files disc to the PC the time was 1 hour, is this normal? Will I have to discard this disc, will it not have a long life? my drive is liteon 2017

1 hour for copy files of the DVD for PC
read test nero discspeed goodspeed and result 100% Good and "Verify" ImgBurn 0 errors
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06-20-2020, 09:44 AM
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3 GB can be a substantial file transfer and there are many factors that can contribute to taking a long time. They include:

A/V software checking each file.
Extracting compressed (e.g., ZIP or RAR) files during the copy
The number of individual files being copied
The copy program used (some are very slow)
The hardware configuration
Other processes going on at the same time
Whether copy verification is used
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06-21-2020, 11:18 AM
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Was your DVD kept in a brown translucent zip-lock bag? Was your DVD being stored next to industrial strength cleaning chemicals? We must also factor in the average humidity of Brazil's east coast to be certain.

Last edited by lordsmurf; 06-21-2020 at 11:39 AM. Reason: Context: Inside joke, not to be taken seriously. ;) -LS
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06-21-2020, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by JPMedia View Post
We must also factor in the average humidity of Brazil's east coast to be certain.
Although mentioned jokingly, this part was accurate science, for a longevity conversation.
Just not a speed conversation.

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