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09-16-2019, 09:28 AM
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Hi All

I have converted a number of tapes and have not seen this issue present itself.

Capturing with a PAL VHS player with NTSC playback support -- > DMR-ES15 --> Hauppauge USB 2 -->OBS

To me, the playback looks like it wants the capture card to be set to NTSC, but whenever I try and change the capture card input settings, it always reverts back to PAL B. I am assuming these PAL VHS players do not output NTSC but convert NTSC to PAL output. You input would be appreciated.I am in Australia so PAL is standard.

I am thinking I will need to procure a NTSC native VHS player, that outputs NTSC.


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09-16-2019, 10:25 AM
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Yeah that looks like NTSC being captured as PAL.

PAL decks playing NTSC typically output PAL60 - NTSC with PAL-encoded colour, some can also do NTSC 4.43 - NTSC with the colour at the PAL color frequency.

I know the European DMR-ES10 and I think other Panasonics as well support NTSC input. This manual suggests the models in Australia/middle east have the same capability. You will then have to change TV system from PAL to NTSC in the menu. I know at least the ES10 does not work with PAL60 though, something I have tested, not sure about NTSC 4.43 (have yet to test that). I have used it with a multi-system VCR which output normal NTSC so I know the TBC worked on that. (Though on both PAL and NTSC it can clip whites a bit.) You would also have to set the capture card to NTSC afterwards.

I think the capture card itself would support PAL60, though without the DVDR in the chain you would get wiggling and instability instead. (Built-in Line-TBCs are typicaly disabled in NTSC playback on PAL decks.)

An native NTSC-capable deck may be needed here yea. Alternatively, the European Pioneer (DVR-430 and higher second number) and Sony DVRs (RDR-HX 750 and higher second number, and most likely the equivialent DVD-only RDR-GX models) do handle PAL60, though they TBC in them is not as capable as the panasonic one. Looks like the oceanian ones can do this as well judging by the manual.
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