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02-09-2011, 02:21 PM
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I just purchased a JVC SR-VS10 MiniDV/S-VHS combo unit for $200. It was listed as "S-VHS works, no way to test MiniDV." I took a gamble, and lost... it eats the MiniDV tapes (S-VHS is great though).

My options are:

1) Return it, pay ~ $18 shipping and 20% restocking fee ($4) and lose a total of $58 on the transaction since the item DID technically meet the description

2) Try to resell it as "Not working, for parts/repair" - probably will lose MORE money

3) Try to repair it myself.

I'm contemplating option #3. The MiniDV tape loads, and it even threads the tape around the drum correctly. Then, all of a sudden, it appears that the takeup reel stops because tape starts spilling out of the back of the mechanism from the right side where the rubber tire/roller is. Then, the unit powers down by itself. After I power it back up, it actually pulls the tape back in around the drum and looks as though its' going to work... but the process repeats.

Any experience working with this or any other JVC MiniDV decks? I also can't seem to find the service manual. I have lots of service manuals for S-VHS units, but none for these MiniDV/S-VHS dual decks.
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02-09-2011, 04:13 PM
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Keep it! The SVHS side works fine and has the same processing and filters as the high end standalone JVC SVHS units, which go for around the same price used. Just remember that anything on ebay thats "untested" = broken.
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02-09-2011, 04:18 PM
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Well, I already have an SR-V10U that works great... got it for $60 shipped! I also have an SR-V101US as a backup to that... $48 shipped. As far as I can tell, the S-VHS deck in this machine is pretty much the same as those... so I don't particularly need it. If the MiniDV deck had worked in this one, I probably would've sold one of the other S-VHS decks since 2 of the "same" VCR is plenty...
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02-10-2011, 07:33 AM
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It can probably be repaired, as this sounds like little more than a basic mechanical issue in the transport. Possibly alignment issues, but maybe something as easy as parts that just need a little bit of proper lubrication. Certain environments are gritty or humid, both of which can adversely affect a VCR's lubrication, which in turn affects how well parts are able to move.

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