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07-18-2019, 08:09 PM
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I've tried Deinterlacing some captures using Yadif filter in VDub and I was satisfied with the results at least when played back in the computer, haven't tried TV yet. Besides the increased file size due to interpolation of lines I haven't seen any weird artifacts that usually being seen when using crappy deinterlacing filters. I will post some samples for judgement. I usually never deinterlace but if this method turns out to be satisfactory I will start using it.
Until I post the samples, anyone else using this process for deinterlacing? what's your thoughts?

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Ok I tried to make samples as short as possible but they are still big, 2 seconds clips don't do justice so here are the links to the files if anyone interested. I got to admit I'm very pleased with this de-interlacing method even if it doubles the file size, The samples I linked are credentials text at the end of a documentary video where the de-interlacing is put to the real test:

Sample original

Sample de-interlaced
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