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03-25-2010, 07:39 PM
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Somebody is saying that you were incorrect and that most US DVD players cannot play PAL DVDs on standard US TVs, however since my own DVD player can play a PAL DVD I made and output it through RCA or S-Video to ATi MMC set to NTSC, the conclusion is:

PAL DVD is the best option, but for NTSC DVD:

1. Capture from PAL VHS VCR to uncompressed PAL avi.
2. Convert uncompressed PAL avi to PAL DVD
3. Play this PAL DVD on DVD player and capture through S-VIDEO to NTSC DVD.

is better than

1. Capture from PAL VHS VCR to uncompressed PAL avi.
2. Convert uncompressed PAL avi to NTSC DVD

How can uncompressed avi file converted to NTSC DVD be worse than compressed PAL DVD captured to compressed NTSC DVD as he is saying?
That other person is wrong, if he's saying most US DVD players won't play PAL -- they most certainly do. The cheap kits in China dominate the DVD player market. It's harder to find a machine that does NOT play PAL than one that does.

Leaving PAL as PAL is the ideal solution -- never convert to NTSC.

I work with a number of organizations (including some studios), and some of their work is PAL only for worldwide sale. They more or less have a disclaimer on their site that says "if the DVD doesn't work, buy a better player" -- although much longer worded and nicey-wicey for the crybabies that can't handle direct truth.

I would say that PAL>NTSC is best handled with advanced software or hardware methods.
Hardware is S&W equip, $10K+ pricing.
Software is this: http://www.digitalfaq.com/guides/vid...t-pal-ntsc.htm
The analog playback methods, using a DVD recorder, are not optimal for conversion quality. In many cases, the DVD player output will use inferior conversion methods, including bad resizing, blending of frames (ghosting), and drop-frame deinterlacing. It's not the most suggested method, when quality is important.
As time goes by, however, more and more DVD players and TV sets are understanding that the world of video exists beyond the format of their one country -- quality of playback does get better as time goes by. So leaving PAL as PAL, and NTSC as NTSC, is good advice.

Hopefully that answers your questions.

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