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08-07-2004, 09:55 AM
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phew! Lengthy explanation here, but a good read nonetheless. Okay, now onto my answer!

I have two receivers, one DPLII and the other only DPLI. If I encode my mp2 as pro logic 2, how will it sound on my DPLI receiver? Will it be better/worse/different than if I encoded as pro logic 1? What about the reverse? If I encode in pro logic 1 only, will it sound teh same on my DPLII receiver than if I encoded at pro logic 2?

Hope this makes sense. Just FYI, I use Besweet for all my encodings, and I've always wondered something. In the Azid tab, it always sets a default downmix level of -3db for "LFE to LR channels". Is this correct/necessary?

Thank you!
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