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04-27-2003, 07:50 PM
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i was thinking...
where i post it?

this is the audio thread and HeadAC3he got more views.

than with my "extreme inteligence"
(see my principal neuron working faster )
after some smoke outing from my brain

my inhale conclusion was:
is better post it here

some hints for audio:

Is there a software that lets me extract all the audio in a vob at once?
yes,enable 'demux all tracks' in dvd2avi/audio/dolby digital.

What would be the best software for combining two AC3 files into one?
...have not been able to combine the AC3 files.
... just copy /b audio1.ac3+audio2.ac3 audio_full.ac3 .

imagine an audio cd of your favorite dvd live performance
recorded on a regular cdr and playable on any dvd that
reads cdr ...The possibilities r great.

Extract AC3 tracks with SmartRipper:

GUIDE: High Quality Stereo waves from DTS

How to HeadAC3he 5.1 AC3 rip to six discreet .wavs?
(assume that you would get six separate .wav files
after HeadAC3he does it's thing!)
use the command line utility azid.
Enter as follows:
azid -d3/2 -oX Filename.ac3 X.wav
X represents the channel you want to decode;
i.e, l for left, sl for surround left etc.

BeSweetGUI profile for AC3 -> MP2
besweet -core( -input in.ac3 -output out.mp2 -logfile BeSweet.log )
-azid( -n1 -c normal -s surround2 -L -3db -g max ) -ota( -d xx )
-mp2enc( -b 224 -m s -e )
ps: change the "224" to desired bitrate!
maybe you don't want to use surround2 and also
you may have or have not a delay of xx ms.
Also, leave out the -n1 if you deal with a 2 channel AC3.
...about 44,1 kHz. :
add '-shibatch( --rate 44100 )' which does the downsampling.

FREE Program to normalize (mp3 2 wav) files:

more will come if it is useful,ok?
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