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02-15-2003, 02:40 PM
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I've now tried to make chapters with VCDEasy and after I had done it I got this files: videocd.bin on 765mb(I suppose that's the movie), videocd.xml and videocd.cue.

What is a xml. file and what do I need it for and how do I use it

One more thing. While I dont know what I should do with the xml. file I tried only to burn the bin. file with NERO. But I realzied that I didnt have on oversize burning set on "ON". So this is what I did: File>Preferences and then "Expert Features" and then I enabled "Enable overburn 'disc at once' burning".

After that I thought I had enabled over disc burning So now I did this:

File>burn image and then I selected my BIN. file,clicked at open and came to this>Foreign image settings. I havent done this before so I just had the settings as it was:

Type of image: Data mode 1
Blocksize: 2048 (I could select 2352,but I dont know what it is so I let it be on 204
Image header:0
Image Trailer:0

And then I clicked "OK"

But then this meassage came up:

The entered block size does not correspont to the image length. The block size may be wrong. Do you want to correct the value or ignore the problem?

I clicked at "Igrnore".

Now I came to "write cd" and there I clicked at "Write". But then this message came up:

There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this medium. Please insert another medium that provides more space...

Oke, how do I do so I can overburn more with my 700mb cd-r

Plz I'm nearly finished with my first kvcd movie and I dont want to get stuck here, so please help
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02-15-2003, 02:51 PM
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I'm not sure what the xml files are for, but I make the chapters and burn with VCD Easy-> make sure you get the latest version! check allow overburn and you can put more than the max 800mb (this is how much an 80min cdr can hold- not 700)
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02-15-2003, 05:17 PM
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The xml file defines the structure of the CD image that's created, pointing chapters, files added etc. VCDEasy creates the file automatically when you author the image with it, and VCDXBuild uses that file to create the actual cue and bin files.
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