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06-12-2002, 06:58 PM
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Just completed a test of your KDVD template and Sonic MYDVD. Did 30 seconds of film from Hollow Man and The Art of War, lowered the audio of your template to 160/Dual/44100 on one and 160/Dual/48000 in the other.
Had no problems loading in MYDVD, the DVD program automated create the two Buttons for me which it got from the file name, had no problems converting. Burned with my Panasonic LF321 on a DVD-R 4.7 GB, played back on a Pioneer DV 343 and a Panasonic LV55 and a Samsung M301. The only minor problem was asepct ratio, on the Art of War it was normal on the Hollow Man it came out narrow, not too bad, but narrow. The Audio was great as far as I'm concerned, I did not cahnge anything on the CQ but I may try to lowered that to CQ 60 just for shi*s and grins. So now on to creating two complete films. Will post result later, but if I can get the file size down, I can get two on on disk without any problems.

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06-12-2002, 08:50 PM
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Hi Bud:

Probably you didn't select "Anamorphic" on FitCD ( if that's what you used ) on Hollow Man. That's why it came out narrower.
I did "The Matrix" and because it's an anamorphic film, I selected anamorphic in the output. It looked taller when encoding, but then you get the correct output, depending on your TV set if it's wide screen or 4:3.

This was my script:
mpeg2source("F:\THE_MATRIX_16X9LB_N_AMERICA\VIDEO_ TS\matrix.d2v")

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