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04-17-2004, 08:42 AM
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I recently started capturing Satelite programs+movies which I would like to record onto a DVD-R, in a dvd format. As anyone might be aware the DVB is an MPEG2 format with 528x576 (PAL), video rate of aprx 3000kbps with audio of 48KHz 160 kbps. The only non-DVD compliant spec is the Hor. Resolution (52. Luckily I found a guide on Doom9 that supposedly gets around this problem... Alas, I had no success what so ever. Already lost several DVD-R in the process... The trick was to edit the header values of the .m2v file (after demuxing) to read a resolution of 720x576 so that's it is accepted by a DVD authering software as a DVD compliant video file. The DVD authering software I tried (sonic, TMPEnc, DVDFAB...) would import the and compile the file but when played on DVD player the video does not stretch over the whole screen. It retains it's original 528 resolution leaving a big portion on the right side of the screen blank (or green). After so many failed attempts I tried to use KDVD with TMPGEnc to recompile the movies using the default values. I found that the resulting m2v files are in a few cases larger than the original and in other cases the artifacts increased slightly due to the re-compression. I tried manipulating the values within the KDVD template but I ended up with either more artifacts or larger files. (I think the defaults are the best).
My question here...
_Has anyone been successful in getting DVB content onto a DVD without recompressing? if so then how, and using which DVD author soft?
_What is the best way to resize MPEG2 video (from 528 to 720 ) with minimal (or no) loss of quality (since the original video is already suffereing slightly due to its MPEG2 format) and how?

Thanks.. and this is a great forum by the way and I have been reading it constantly.... and a special solute to Mr. Karl (Kwag)
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04-17-2004, 08:55 AM
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Yes Rudolf,
528x576 or 528x480 are not inside the DVD standard.
So sometimes we just use a tool named DVDPatch to patch the header of our encoded files just to be able to use those
in a DVD authoring tool.
But we really can't expect that a standalone will read it properly.
It seems to be the case with your standalone.
Although it shows the image it doesn't stretch it.
Assuming you're doing everything correctly that's a DVD standard issue.
But maybe you could wait and see if someone else has any idea on what you could do to stretch the picture on screen.
Or you could try to encode those files to a res of 352x576(/480).
That's inside DVD standards. Give it a shot just to see if it stretches.
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