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01-29-2003, 12:31 PM
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Hi all

Been doing a lot of testing today and i found out that my dvd player doesn't like the following resolutions, 528x576, 544x576, and 704x576. So i have the choice of either, 352x288, 352x576, or 480x480 (svcd).

What would you guys recommend using for a dvdrip?? should i try the skvcd mpeg2 template?

Also under advanced tab in tmpegenc can anyone explain 'interlace' and 'deinterlace' when it should and not be used.

Once again many thanks for all your advice
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01-29-2003, 04:11 PM
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hi Adder

Well if you could go with a res i would use the 480x480 in mpeg1 if your dvd player supports it. With the low bit rates that kvcd uses mpeg1 is a lot better then mpeg 2. So for any dvd rip around 2 hours or less i would suggest using the svcd res just change to mpeg1. Well firest of all you should never use them in tempgenc since avisynth is so much better at deinterlace. You need to deinterlace material that is interlaced of course. Since mpeg 1 does not support interlaced material, though mpeg 2 does support it. As far as interlacing the material i dont know about that never bothered with it. Hope this helps.

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