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11-04-2002, 01:20 PM
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Help kwag or anybody else!
My problem is the following:
avisynth:caught an access violation at 0x01571577, attempting to read from 0x0273fd8f.
Here's what appears on the screen at half time of the encoding. What does it means?
The film is chicken run. I've used the 3/4 full resize in fitcd; modified the kvcdx3 template to 544x576, so, the cq_vbr to 40, the min bitrate to 1700 and max to 2900 to put the film on two cd's(results giving by the file prediction formula).
I give you my script for more details

mpeg2source("D:\CHICKEN RUN\vts_02.d2v")
VobSub("D:\CHICKEN RUN\subs\vts_02_0")
#ConvertToRGB24 # For TMPGEnc or VFAPI
#ResampleAudio(44100) # CCE 2.5 'crashfix' for Athlons
#== If you want this 'fix' permanently, edit the INI-file:
#== Under [AVSscript] set CCEcrashfix=1

It's the first time i use temporal smoother. Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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