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11-22-2002, 09:58 AM
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Hi All,

The avs script below is working fine, except after reading KVCD predictor
I have some questions about the factor 0.95 and when should it become
necessary to adjust it

# --------------------- Start Of File Size Prediction ----------------------
IL = Framecount / 100 # interval length in frames
SL = round(Framerate) # sample length in frames
## MPEG size = ((Total frames/Framerate)/100) * (MPEG sample file size * .95)
###------------------------End File Size Prediction--------------------------

It gives you a percentage of +-1% to +-5% file size prediction. When
would the factor require adjustment. Also, it seems that the movie
lenght is a clue to where one should start with CQ value. For example,
movies with 60-90 minutes, 91-120 minutes, 121-150 minutes and
151-180+ minutes should begin with what CQ for testing.


-black prince
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