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03-16-2003, 04:12 PM
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I stumbled onto this program called AutoDub,


One of The things that I liked that was done, is the use of pre-set filter strengths

I am not the expert on these matters, but thought that it might be a good idea
gather some generally accepted levels for our most common filters.
C3D has a bunch of built-in pre-sets to use, Most filters just have defaults


TemporalCleaner ( luma_thresh=5, chroma_thresh=10)
# light TemporalCLeaner(4,9)
# normal TemporalCleaner(5,10)
# medium TemporalCLeaner(6,11)
# strong TemporalCLeaner(7,12)
# extreme TemporalCLeaner(8,13)

FluxSmooth( t_thresh=7, s_thresh=7 )
# light FluxSmooth(6,4)
# normal FluxSmooth(7,7)
# medium FluxSmooth(8,6)
# strong FluxSmooth(10,8 )
# extreme FluxSmooth(12,10)

NoMoSmooth( motion_thresh=40, t_radius=1, t_thresh=6, s_radius=1, s_thresh=3, show=false )
# light NoMoSmooth(40,1,5,1,2,false)
# normal NoMoSmooth(40,1,6,1,3,false)
# medium NoMoSmooth(40,2,7,2,4,false)
# strong NoMoSmooth(40,2,8,2,5,false)
# extreme NoMoSmooth(40,2,9,2,6,false)

What do you think?

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03-20-2003, 08:39 AM
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This is the most amazing VirtualDub mod I have ever used. It is so simple to use. It converts the AC3 audio for you and automatically fits the DivX video to the size you requested. You are able to add AviSynth filters with clicks of the mouse.
I would just stick with the medium to light settings. Peachsmoother really makes the video look horrible at strong settings. Too strong of settings on the other filters start making the movie look like a painting to me.
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03-20-2003, 10:18 AM
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I just E-Mailed the author asking if he plans to add frameserving option to AutoDub. I personally don't so DivX. But this program could be another alternative for us freaks

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