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11-15-2003, 11:22 AM
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ok i am using tok avi synth 2.5 downloaded all plugins couldnt find grip plugin , but i got a version through google. (still unsure if its the right one).
this is what the log shows
================================================== ===========
ToK Log: C:\Documents and Settings\Alan\Desktop\ToK_0.0.5.3\Avi.avs
================================================== ===========

Resolution (fps):576x432 (23.976 fps)
Total Frames: 151402
Total Time : 01:45:15

Extracting Audio ...
Encoding Audio ...
Audio Size: 101,034,946
Required Video Size: 1,521,991,403

Factor: 59.940
Desired Sample Size: 25,391,914

New Faster Prediction

Full Sample
Next CQ: 70.000
tok uses 100% of cpu time and it freezes here

the script i am tring is
AviSource("D:\Movies\my movie.avi")
#AddBorders(16, 65, 16, 65)
Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_max =3,variance=0.1,seed=1)
Convolution3D(1, 6, 12, 6, 8, 2.8, 0)
#GripCrop(576, 480, overscan=1, source_anamorphic=false)
#Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_ma x=10,variance=0.3,seed=5623)

ok i removed the grip because the plugin woesnt work.
must i incude the load plugin ....*.dll or does avi synth take care of that.
Since most of my movies are Ntsc film (23.98fps) at some rectangular resolution. what is a good res to encode to. I have encoded on a mac and liked 480 x 480. I am happy with a 2 cd rip.
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