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10-24-2003, 06:18 AM
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Complete newbie to KDVD here so I wanted to ask some questions. I have a fair understanding of TPMGenc and have been encoding Avi's and DivX's to VCD/DVD for a while, and then I came accross KDVD.

Basically I have a collection of Avi's and DivX's that I want to put on DVD (using KDVD). I read and tried to follow vmesquita's guide to DivX to KDVD but I'm afriad I got lost in the scripting section which has me totally baffled (are the scripts just to tell TPMGenc to encode widescreen ect?).

My question is do I need to use scripting to use KDVD? Can I load my Avi/DivX into TPMGenc using the KDVD templates, encode the film and burn the DVD? Will I lose out if I don't master the scipting?

Also do I need to change the biterate to ensure I fit as many films as possible on the DVD? Are there any other guides out there for KDVD and newbies.

Thanks in advance for any reply's.
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10-24-2003, 11:53 AM
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Welcome gidxg03,

We need scripts for two main reasons: resize (tmpgenc resizer is not as good as avisynth) choosing automatically the correct aspect ratio and remove DCT blocks.
DCT blocks are those annoying dancing blocks that appear in dark, flat areas.

Yes you can convert without scripts. But you'll have to resize to the correct aspect ratio by hand, and you'll not get the best quality possible.
But keep in mind that using scripts is easy. Writing then is a little bit harder. You just have to install avisynth, create in notepad a file named "mymovie.avs" or something like that, paste inside the commands I suggest, and change the first lines to reflect your movie name with path, target width and so on. If you run in trouble, you can always post your edited script here and we'll try to help. But since you're dealing with DivX, you should post on the DivX forum.

Of course you have to change the bitrate. You have to use a manual prediction method I describe in the guide to achive the right size to fit.

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