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06-17-2002, 12:27 PM
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i want to use kwags template to capture or record video tv shows with virtualdub i use a tv tuner and usually do AVI but it would be great to capture direct to KVCD
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06-20-2002, 05:29 PM
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the templates are really to encode dvd rippz, tv captures or vhs recordings (or digital video, laser disc caps etc...) to compress non-standard vcd-ready mpg files.
Depending on your cpu and capture card/board, you can configure the software (i.e. ATI's MMC 7) to capture to mpg 1 at 352x480. The board may or may not support capturing at 23.97 , which is what kvcd uses. On my rig--i have to capture at 29.97 and then convert, if i wish, to 23.97 and encode down (IVTC-inverse telecine).
The vcd template , for capturing, that the ATI software has is not all that good. Its fine for watching on the pc at 352x240.
Not sure if you want to capture at kvcd settings in real time or not?
If not continue using avi (try different codecz, huffyuv, mjpeg, canopus or whatever you use) and then convert to mpg1 vbr using kwag's templates.

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