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09-29-2003, 06:45 PM
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Hi all:
I posted this previously in the Avisynth forum, but I think it wasn't the right place for my doubts...
I also don't speak/write english well, I hope you´ll be patient.
I capture video with my capture card (Dazzle DV now AV) in dif format, I then load and cut-edit in Premiere 6.5. I then encode in high quality mpeg2 that I then used as a source for KVCD. But I think that reencoding will affect the final quality.
That's why I want to frameserve from Premiere. I read elsewhere in the forums I could use IPCSource, but I think avisynth 2.5 don't support it (I read that it now is part of AvisynthEx.dll, an avisynth plugin you must pay for).
I also read I could use PlugIn Pac, free, but I get some errors, and is extremely slow, and works with AviSource, so I have to change the colorspace to YV12 first (slower, isn't it?)
I need some help.
1. Would it be better to capture in avi format or mpeg2 format directly with the card, and then load them in the script?. With my card, what video capture software can I use?
2. Is there any filter to import in avisynth a Premiere project?.
Help please. And thank you in advance.
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