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01-19-2004, 04:18 PM
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put your liteon dvdr in the bin and buy an NEC 2500A
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01-20-2004, 04:31 AM
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- Epox 8rda3 = more than less ok for overclocking it depends on the releasenumber (you'd better look out for the ABIT NF7-S! As its the Mainboard most loved in the OC szene ... a tiny bit overvolting but you can sett everything!)

- Gforce Ti 4200 128 NICE! ok, not the newest but easy to overcklock, but some models are very LOUD! as diff. models come with diff. cooling systems.

- Thermalright SLK 900 is a VERY GOOD Aircooled CPU headsink but only makes sense when in combination with a good "silent" fan!
But the Zalman 7000cu (Not shure its the right model name) is more cheap and comes with its ready mounted fan lowers very well temperatures and is "silent!"

- His case fans I don't know, maybe they deliver a lot of Air but maybe they're very loud i case of 7! Better get on Ebay a 5-7 package of Pabst fans with ca 18-24 db --- its the best choice.

- liteon 4x DVDR +\- dual format is ok

BUT whats about HD or the CPU??

I don't know whats the exchange actually from pounds to Euros or Dollars.

Edit: Uops. ... Seems to be about 290 Euros and thats IMHO too much for these used parts

The best choice is: To find out the best parts in relation to what they cost and build your own machine.

BTW: If you will practise Overclocking you should change also to Watercooling, ok more money but a good future investment and cool and silent!
If you just take a heatsink with a very cooling and fast rpm based fan, you goona feel like a Boing 747 does its take off under your desk in comparison with a good watercooling set.
(hands off from Thermaltakes Aquarius watercooling set!)
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