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08-13-2004, 10:15 PM
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I'm still using TMPGEnc 2.5 with different mpeg-1 KVCD templates, the notch matrix and MA scripts, but have had almost every conversion marred by an outbreak of macroblocks and sound un-synching. I mean, I got half an hour into Master and Commander and suddenly it decides to break up, and not in any particularly demanding scene of action, mind you. The sound is properly set at 44hz for an mpeg-1 and it isn't a field order problem (I've dealt with those in the past). When I play the resulting file on my PC it also breaks up so I know it isn't my DVD player acting up. Is this a problem inherent in the KVCD process? I use TMPGEnc at work with Win2000 and at home on my XP, so I know it isn't the computer.
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08-14-2004, 11:06 AM
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Hi ragrost,
Pal, you'll have to give us some more info on the tools you're using and which versions.
Also the script you use, please.
Mind you that we also need to know which step you're taking to have such an issue to see if any of us can replicate that.
Knowing the CPU/RAM/HD_SIZE of you're PC wouldn't hurt too.
For starters, use these but tell us what you've been using and how:
-avisynth 2.54
-dvd2avi 1.76
-tmpgenc 2.521.58.169 (just don't use 2.59.xxx!)
-KVCD templates
-CQMatic&Calcumatic to do a file size prediction
-readavs.dll 0.1
-XviD 1.0 codec (try not using the latest one, seems to have a prob)
-headac3he 0.23a
-bbMpeg / Mplex 1.0 GUI (don't recall bb versions...)
-vcdeasy to make the VCD project
-nero 5.5 (or later) to burn
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